Why Your Lawn Goes Brown In Winter?

Why Your Lawn Goes Brown In Winter?

As with most summer lawns within Australia and around the world, you find that the lawn goes from that nice deep dark green colour to a yellow-y or light green colour. Why is that?

Well if we think back to science class when we went to school, and the formula for photosynthesis it is CO2 + Water + Sunlight gives off Sugar + Oxygen. Chlorophyll found within all plant life including our different types lawns and turf, is responsible for a plants green colour and helps the plant absorb sunlight. Referring to the photosynthesis equation highlights that the less sunlight we have in winter (compared to spring and summer) the less UV and sunlight the lawn is able to absorb as energy - meaning your lawn isn’t as green as growing season. This is the case for most summer lawns throughout the winter, however there are in fact winter grasses that require less sunlight in order to have optimal growth, but suffer in summer due to the harsh sun (particularly in Australia). That is why typically you will find most summer lawns go a bit more yellow or lighter green colour.
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How we were established?

I was at University and wanted to quit my day job at McDonald's. I then thought about starting my own business and working for myself. 

I thought about a number of different service based businesses but then opted for the lawn and landscaping trade. When i decided on that, while at McDonald's, i bought my first whipper snipper and my first blower, and fixed my Dad's 15 year old Honda up which he gave to me and started my business. 

Business took off when i was at University, with a steady flow of work, then soon i decided to leave university and work for myself. 

And then here we are today. 

Why should I mulch my lawn?

Fertilising is a big part of maintaining a healthy, green lawn. What if you could minimise lawn clippings and save on bags of fertiliser? You CAN!

We've spoken about the one third rule of lawn mowing in a previous blog post, but mulching your lawn can have an extremely good impact for your lawn if the lawn is mowed regularly enough for mulching.

What is mulching? 

Mulching your lawn clippings into the lawn, means that instead of bagging the clippings and disposing of them, your lawn mower "mulches" the clippings into finer clippings and drops them onto the lawn. This process is known as mulching.  

What happens to the clippings? 

If mowed regularly enough, and only one third or less of the height of the lawn is being cut, then the grass will decompose into the soil. 

WARNING: If you mow irregularly, do not mulch as you will get a build up of thatch having leading to bad problems with your lawns health. 

What does mulching do for my lawn? 

As the mulched lawn clippings decompose, it puts very good nutrients into the soil of the lawn. This is the same process as putting compost around your plants - it breaks down and provides nitrogen and many other great nutrients for the lawn. This in turn means, less fertiliser! 

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How does pH affect your lawn?

How does pH affect your lawn?

What is pH?

pH is a scale of how acidic, basic or alkaline a soil or solution is.  

How does pH affect your lawn? 

When the desred pH growing level is not met (generally around the alkaline, 7, rating), available nutrients within the soil in the form of nitrogen, potash or potassium, phosphorus and all the other micro and macro nutrients can not be absorbed by the grass. This of course means that your lawn wont be able to be healthy enough to have a lush green look. The level of pH determines what nutrients is available through the solubility of the elements. Refer to pH charts to find the correct pH level for your lawn in Perth.

How can you fix the pH level? 

In Perth Australia, it is quite common to find lawn soils being too acidic. This can be fixed by applying the correct amount of garden/lawn lime. After applying, thoroughly water in.

Tip: Remember, its better to apply many smaller dosages of lime, bringing the pH gradually up to the correct level. Instead of applying too much lime, leaving your soil too basic. 

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Why should i topsoil my lawn?

Why should i topsoil my lawn?

What is topsoil?

Topsoil is made up of a mixture of sands, soils loams and clays that are full of nutrients to get your lawn back into shape. 

What does topsoil do? 

Topsoil when spread over the top of a lawn, adds important nutrients that the lawn can absorb in order to grow healthy.

Why should you topsoil your lawn? 

If one of your main problems is that your lawn is quite thin and sandy, as mentioned above adding topsoil adds nutrients to the ground and lawn. By applying topsoil, you are adding to the soil that the lawn is currently growing from. Topsoil not only adds nutrients to the soil, but also assists with the retention of water. This will help your lawn get the most water it can, and have a well structured root system. It is highly recommended for those who struggle with their lawn quality.  

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Why get a soil test for your lawn?

Everyone wants to have that nice green lawn. But sometimes it just seems that no matter how hard you try to get it green, it still isn't looking healthy. 

What can you do? 

Many people overlook getting a soil test done. Choosing to not get a soil test for your lawn when you know its not healthy, is like choosing to try and diagnose yourself instead of going to the doctors - you need to know the problem to be able to treat it. 

Getting a lab conducted soil test provides information such as what the pH of the soil is, what elements are lacking and what elements there is too much of. Once you know all this information, you can then create a lawn care plan to improve the health of your lawn. It will be green and healthy in no time.

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What does nitrogen do for your lawn?

Nitrogen (N) is commonly the main ingredient found in lawn fertilizers. Nitrogen, along with Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) make up the main three elements used in fertlizers to aid the photosynthesis of lawn. 

Nitrogen aids the chlorophyll of your lawn which in turn makes it more green, and stimulates lawn growth. It is important however to fertilize the appropriate amount of times in a year. Too much nitrogen in the soil can lead to a nitrogen runoff, which is really bad for the environment. As well as this, more mowing also results when lots of fertilizer is applied, which means that if the mowing frequency is not increased and you mow more than one third of the lawn at a time, this will stress your lawn out. Excessive amounts of nitrogen and fertilizer can actually burn or significantly stress your lawn out thus impacting the health of your lawn. 

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How often do we change our mower blades?

As mentioned in a previous blog post, it is crucial that all lawns are mowed with sharp blades. Dull or blunt blades instead of cutting the lawn actually tear the grass blades. This increases the risk of disease and hinders the health of the lawn. At Whistol Mowing, we regularly maintain and check our equipment. If signs of wear are discovered on the blades that are on our mowers, the blades are then replaced. This ensures all of our customers have the best cut lawns in the street. 

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What does Potassium do for your lawn?

Potassium (K) is one of "the big 3" elements found within lawn fertilizer. When applied and the correct amount is maintained in the soil it strengthens the outer cell membrane of the grass. An illustration of this can be likened to a warrior going to battle, the thicker the armour he wears, the more it can cope with from external forces. Like the warrior, grass when the membrane is at peak strength from the correct amount of potassium in the soil, the lawn can withstand the elements from things such as drought, extreme heat etc. This in turn assists you keeping a nice green lawn all throughout summer.

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How to prevent lawn from growing into my garden?

One of the pet hates of any home owner is keeping out lawn from your garden. How can this be done? The simple answer, is that there are many ways this can be done. 

Edging Frequently

If you are a lawn enthusiast and mow your lawn regularly, edging is a key factor in keeping it contained, and gives a nice sharp finished. Edging can be done with either a whipper snipper or an edger. 


For larger areas of lawn, sometimes spraying around the perimeter proves most time efficient. This doesn't give as good of a finish like edging, however for a time efficient maintenance program for larger areas this can be desired. Spraying grass kills it, and prevents from spreading for a period of time, meaning less to no edging is needed.

Install edging

A good way to effectively maintain a nice crisp edge is installing an edge around the lawn. This can be made of wood, metals and even plastic. When installed correctly, they prevent lawn from growing through if maintained, leaving a nice straight border.


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How often should you fertilize your lawn?

In Perth, the soil quality that lawns are grown on tend to be quite poor. Applying a good fertilizer helps ensure your lawn obtains the right amount of food to keep it healthy.

As a general rule of thumb, apply fertilizer every 8 weeks. This will enable it to be fed a good amount. However, if slow release fertilizer is used, apply less frequently. Reading the back of the packet will also give you some idea as well. Applying too much fertilizer will increase the nitrogen and acidic levels in the soil so do not over fertilize.

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Why do we fertilize our lawn?

The question that not too many know, but should know. 

Like every living organism, like yourself, lawns need food to grow and stay healthy. In fact, for every living plant, it needs to have "food" in order to to complete photosynthesis and be healthy and green. Your lawn growing in a residential environment is not the original habitat for it to grow in, and therefore extra measures such as apply lawn fertiliser are an integral part of making sure your lawn stays healthy and grows properly, weed free.

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Mulching Blade vs High Lift Blade

There are always so many options to choose from when it comes to lawn care. One choice to make is whether to mow with a mulching blade on your lawn mower or use a high lift blade. 

What do they do? 

High lift blades are a curved blade which almost acts as a propeller. It allows the lawn clippings to lift right up away from your lawn and your catcher will collect, removing all your clippings. 

Mulching blades on the other hand do not "high lift". The lawn clippings get churned in the blades multiple times which then "mulches" the clippings, dropping these finer clippings back onto your lawn.

What should I use?

If you mow regularly, using a mulching blade will not leave clumps of grass. It'll also allow nutrients to go back into the soil. This in turn acts as a natural fertiliser assisting your lawn to be healthy.

If you mow less frequent, perhaps it may be better using a high lift blade. Reason being, is because mowing with a mulching blade will clump up a lot of lawn clippings on your grass, which doesn't look great.

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How to apply fertilizer to your lawn?

In order to get a nice green and lush lawn, homeowners apply fertilizer. However how do you apply?

Once you’ve selected your fertilizer, refer to the bag for the amount to apply to you lawn and spread evenly over your lawn with a spreader. 

Once applied, it is really important to water in the fertilizer. This allows the nutrients to go straight into the soil and prevents your grass from burning.


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Why Should I Fertilise My Lawn?

Don't you just envy that perfect lawn just down the road from you?

It seems like no matter how many times you mow your lawn, it still just doesn't look as healthy as the house down the road.

Perhaps the problem is you aren't fertilising your lawn enough. Ask yourself, when was the last time i fertilised? Do i have clover in my lawn? Is my lawn a lighter, unhealthy green colour or could it be a more deeper green colour? If you answered yes to the last 2 questions, then you probably need to fertilise. 

Doing so will make your lawn growing nice and green, as well as preventing weeds such as which thrive in a soil that lacks nitrogen.

Fertilise your lawn, and see the difference! 

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How to have weed-free pavers?

The most annoying thing about having pavers would be weeds growing in them. For some reason too for homeowners, it can be a real struggle to prevent and maintain weeds. How can you stop it?

At Whistol Mowing, we provide regular service packages that allows us to look after your pavers to take the stress off of you. However if you are looking for a DIY alternative, we recommend having a herbicide on hand. Spot spray weeds as soon as they become visible, then once the weed has died, whippersnip them to have a clean finish.

 Repeat this until all weeds have completely gone, and your yard will be looking amazing. You'll thank us later. For more tips, visit our blogwebsite or call us on 0437023677 today.

How to get rid of weeds in lawn?

We all want a perfect lawn. But there is always that one patch that is full of weeds and you can never get rid of it. How do you get rid of them?

A good broad leaf herbicide will attack the weed directly when sprayed over it but will not affect the lawn. Once you kill the weed, apply a good fertiliser and your lawn will be looking in top shape in no time.

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Why Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blades?

Walking down the street in Perth, I always across lawns that have been poorly cut but have the potential to be great lawns.

When lawn mower blades are blunt, instead of cutting the grass the lawn mower tends to rip the grass blades (you'll see a jaggered cut instead of a straight cut of an individual grass blade). Over time, it'll make the lawn look brown. As well as this, poorly cut lawns make the lawn really susceptible to disease and fungus.

If you have a contractor who does your lawn and you aren't happy with the results, ask them "Do you sharpen your mower blades?", "How often do you sharpen your mower blades?". 

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How to apply compost?

Composting for trees, plants and your gardens provides lots of nutrients to your plants and soil as it decomposes.

How to apply?

To apply, spread the compost in a "ring" like shape around your trees. NEVER have compost touching plants or tree trunks as it will cause the plant to rot.

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Why trim your trees?

How to trim your tree?

Trimming the correct way ensures good health of the tree. To trim properly, remove all Dead, Damaged and Diseased (remember, 3 D's) limbs and branches from the tree. As well as that, remove all branches that are crossing each other. This will prevent further damage and will decrease the chance of disease. 

Why trim your trees?

Removing all the appropriate branches and limbs thus will increase airflow within the tree, decrease the risk of falling branches during windy/stormy days and will better the health of your trees making them look a lot healthier and presentable.

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