Nitrogen (N) is commonly the main ingredient found in lawn fertilizers. Nitrogen, along with Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) make up the main three elements used in fertlizers to aid the photosynthesis of lawn. 

Nitrogen aids the chlorophyll of your lawn which in turn makes it more green, and stimulates lawn growth. It is important however to fertilize the appropriate amount of times in a year. Too much nitrogen in the soil can lead to a nitrogen runoff, which is really bad for the environment. As well as this, more mowing also results when lots of fertilizer is applied, which means that if the mowing frequency is not increased and you mow more than one third of the lawn at a time, this will stress your lawn out. Excessive amounts of nitrogen and fertilizer can actually burn or significantly stress your lawn out thus impacting the health of your lawn. 

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