Many in the Perth area have differing views on this matter, but what really is best?


What's the fuss?

Many today in Perth believe that your lawn looks far better with reel/roller/drum mowers. The truth is it can actually make your lawn worse and make it more susceptible to drying out and weeds.


Many reel mowers have limited height settings. This means unless you have specific types of lawn that only is meant to grow at very low heights such as golf greens, it is probably not a viable option. A LOT of companies use it as their selling point, when in reality many do not understand the consequences of mowing lawns too short.

In Perth due to warm and dry weather, lawn needs to be mowed at a higher length. Mowing too low can and will scalp your lawn, increasing the chances and likelihood of weeds, dead patches and disease. Mowing at the correct length with a good rotary mower will create and maintain a lush green lawn, free from weeds and disease.


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