What is topsoil?

Topsoil is made up of a mixture of sands, soils loams and clays that are full of nutrients to get your lawn back into shape. 

What does topsoil do? 

Topsoil when spread over the top of a lawn, adds important nutrients that the lawn can absorb in order to grow healthy.

Why should you topsoil your lawn? 

If one of your main problems is that your lawn is quite thin and sandy, as mentioned above adding topsoil adds nutrients to the ground and lawn. By applying topsoil, you are adding to the soil that the lawn is currently growing from. Topsoil not only adds nutrients to the soil, but also assists with the retention of water. This will help your lawn get the most water it can, and have a well structured root system. It is highly recommended for those who struggle with their lawn quality.  

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