Fertilising is a big part of maintaining a healthy, green lawn. What if you could minimise lawn clippings and save on bags of fertiliser? You CAN!

We've spoken about the one third rule of lawn mowing in a previous blog post, but mulching your lawn can have an extremely good impact for your lawn if the lawn is mowed regularly enough for mulching.

What is mulching? 

Mulching your lawn clippings into the lawn, means that instead of bagging the clippings and disposing of them, your lawn mower "mulches" the clippings into finer clippings and drops them onto the lawn. This process is known as mulching.  

What happens to the clippings? 

If mowed regularly enough, and only one third or less of the height of the lawn is being cut, then the grass will decompose into the soil. 

WARNING: If you mow irregularly, do not mulch as you will get a build up of thatch having leading to bad problems with your lawns health. 

What does mulching do for my lawn? 

As the mulched lawn clippings decompose, it puts very good nutrients into the soil of the lawn. This is the same process as putting compost around your plants - it breaks down and provides nitrogen and many other great nutrients for the lawn. This in turn means, less fertiliser! 

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