One of the pet hates of any home owner is keeping out lawn from your garden. How can this be done? The simple answer, is that there are many ways this can be done. 

Edging Frequently

If you are a lawn enthusiast and mow your lawn regularly, edging is a key factor in keeping it contained, and gives a nice sharp finished. Edging can be done with either a whipper snipper or an edger. 


For larger areas of lawn, sometimes spraying around the perimeter proves most time efficient. This doesn't give as good of a finish like edging, however for a time efficient maintenance program for larger areas this can be desired. Spraying grass kills it, and prevents from spreading for a period of time, meaning less to no edging is needed.

Install edging

A good way to effectively maintain a nice crisp edge is installing an edge around the lawn. This can be made of wood, metals and even plastic. When installed correctly, they prevent lawn from growing through if maintained, leaving a nice straight border.


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