What is pH?

pH is a scale of how acidic, basic or alkaline a soil or solution is.  

How does pH affect your lawn? 

When the desred pH growing level is not met (generally around the alkaline, 7, rating), available nutrients within the soil in the form of nitrogen, potash or potassium, phosphorus and all the other micro and macro nutrients can not be absorbed by the grass. This of course means that your lawn wont be able to be healthy enough to have a lush green look. The level of pH determines what nutrients is available through the solubility of the elements. Refer to pH charts to find the correct pH level for your lawn in Perth.

How can you fix the pH level? 

In Perth Australia, it is quite common to find lawn soils being too acidic. This can be fixed by applying the correct amount of garden/lawn lime. After applying, thoroughly water in.

Tip: Remember, its better to apply many smaller dosages of lime, bringing the pH gradually up to the correct level. Instead of applying too much lime, leaving your soil too basic. 

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