As with most summer lawns within Australia and around the world, you find that the lawn goes from that nice deep dark green colour to a yellow-y or light green colour. Why is that?

Well if we think back to science class when we went to school, and the formula for photosynthesis it is CO2 + Water + Sunlight gives off Sugar + Oxygen. Chlorophyll found within all plant life including our different types lawns and turf, is responsible for a plants green colour and helps the plant absorb sunlight. Referring to the photosynthesis equation highlights that the less sunlight we have in winter (compared to spring and summer) the less UV and sunlight the lawn is able to absorb as energy - meaning your lawn isn’t as green as growing season. This is the case for most summer lawns throughout the winter, however there are in fact winter grasses that require less sunlight in order to have optimal growth, but suffer in summer due to the harsh sun (particularly in Australia). That is why typically you will find most summer lawns go a bit more yellow or lighter green colour.
Hope it helps!
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