Why mow regularly?

If your lawn is patchy or not quite up to scratch, perhaps you should consider mowing more often. Mowing regularly and cutting each individual blade of grass, stimulates horizontal growth.

This means your lawn will grow thicker and healthier, as well as influencing your grass to cover those sandy patches of grass that you can never get to grow (provided all sprinklers are working well).

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Why remove dead wood from your trees?

Dead wood increases the likelihood of branches rubbing into one another. Removing dead branches frees up space within the tree allowing air to flow better and minimizes the chance of disease due to rubbing branches. 

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How to get ride of broad leaf weeds in my lawn?

In Perth, it is very common to find broad leaf weeds in lawns. One way to get rid of or minimize this and stimulate your lawn to look lush and healthy is through the use of a product called weed and feed. Weed and feed needs to be applied when a lawn HASN'T been mowed and the weeds are visible. Refer to the package for the correct amount of application and apply accordingly for the best results. 

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Why your lawn mower man is bringing weeds to your lawn

For those who get their lawns mowed by a company, they may find that their lawns start getting more weeds.

This happens when the lawn mower isn't cleaned between each use. Mowing a lawn with a lot of weeds and then mowing a weed free lawn will drop all the lawn clippings from the previous job on your grass if they don't scrape or clean it off. 

This is a problem faced by many people with companies cutting corners. Get the job done by someone who cares.

At Whistol Mowing, we take pride in each and every lawn we mow and that is why we are the superior choice in the industry. We clean the body of our lawn mowers every time before starting a new job resulting in no transmitting weeds, prevention of weeds and a happy customer.

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When should I water my lawn?

Watering your lawn plays an integral part in the health of grass.

Watering at night increases the likelihood of mushrooms growing in your lawn, as the water doesn't evaporate throughout the night meaning a damp environment for them to grow in.

Water in the morning for best results. As the lawn is able to soak up the water without being evaporated too quickly by the sun.

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Lawn Tip: Watering Frequency

When watering your lawn, the question on many householders mind is how often and how long they should water their lawn.

Watering more regularly throughout the week with a shorter running (shallow watering) time, will promote a shallow root system. This will in turn stress the lawn out when warmer temperatures come into play. Lawns that have shorter root systems are also more susceptible to weeds and disease.


Increase the duration of watering to promote deeper roots and a healthier lawn.


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How often should I mow my lawn?

With lawn you always need to apply the "one-third" rule. Meaning to maintain a healthy lawn, no more than one-third of the lawns height should be mowed at a time. Generally this means mowing every 2-3 weeks, however growth rates of some lawns vary depending on type, amounts of fertilizer, water, sunlight. 


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Rotary or reel mower?

Many in the Perth area have differing views on this matter, but what really is best?


What's the fuss?

Many today in Perth believe that your lawn looks far better with reel/roller/drum mowers. The truth is it can actually make your lawn worse and make it more susceptible to drying out and weeds.


Many reel mowers have limited height settings. This means unless you have specific types of lawn that only is meant to grow at very low heights such as golf greens, it is probably not a viable option. A LOT of companies use it as their selling point, when in reality many do not understand the consequences of mowing lawns too short.

In Perth due to warm and dry weather, lawn needs to be mowed at a higher length. Mowing too low can and will scalp your lawn, increasing the chances and likelihood of weeds, dead patches and disease. Mowing at the correct length with a good rotary mower will create and maintain a lush green lawn, free from weeds and disease.


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How to get rid of grass in your garden?

It can be one of the most frustrating things for a home owner - having grass all through your garden beds. 


The source?

Irregular or poor edging of the lawn.  


One common misconception about this, is that once it has grown throughout, you can not get rid of it by pulling it out (unless hours upon hours are invested). Pulling out grass alot of the time leaves the majority of the root system still beneath the ground. This means in a couple of weeks you'll begin seeing it again. 


The solution? 

The most easiest and convenient way to get rid of grass in your garden is to pull or whipper-snip it down just above ground level leaving a little left. Then by spraying glysophate it not only kills the surface grass, but also the root system. 


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How often should I mow?

Each lawn grows at a different rate, dependent on a number of factors such as type, amount of water, and amount of shade. As mentioned in an earlier post, the one third rule is crucial when it comes to mowing and maintaining a healthy lawn. Lawns should never have more than a third mowed at a time. With this in mind, we recommend mowing once every 2-3 weeks depending on the season, however some lawns grow slower, and we would recommend a monthly mowing routine. 

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How high should I mow my lawn?

As we all know, the incorrect mowing height to our lawns can have devastating effects to the lawn as well as to the appearance to our house.

Mowing our lawns too low can result in thatch, or even killing your lawn.

All lawn types have different optimum heights. Couch and more finer grasses tend to be mowed at a shorter height (20-30mm), while buffalo grass types should be mowed on a higher setting (30 to 50mm). 

As a general rule, at all times homeowners shouldn't mow more than one third of the grass height. Mowing less then a third, will result in a green and healthy lawn. This will in turn prevent weeds, and diseases from taking over your lawn.

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How to keep Your lawn from drying out?

During Perth summer's, days can get really hot. This tends to dry a lot of people's lawns out if they aren't careful. Soil wetters are a great way to retain water. They hold the water in the lawn's root system longer, allowing the grass blades to absorb as much water as possible. This will in turn save you water, and keep your grass looking green and healthy throughout the summer.

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How to get rid of clover?

Clover is a weed that commonly is found in lawn. When clover is visible, it means that the soil beneath the lawn is lacking in nitrogen. To fix the low levels of nitrogen, apply fertilizer containing a good level of nitrogen. This will enable your soil to have higher nitrogen level, and in turn making your lawn nice and green, and clover free

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